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Psalm 23. The Lord is My Shepherd

PSALM 23. This is a psalm that most likely we have all heard.   Perhaps this is one of the most quoted chapters in the Bible… spoken by athletes before games, recited by congregations at churches, written on sympathy cards to comfort those who are mourning, and replayed over and over in our own minds when we…


Psalm 18. A Grateful Retrospect. Attributes of God Experienced During Darkness

When the darkness is finally lifted, how will you reflect back on God?   PSALM 18. David’s lengthy dark period of being chased, frightened, and anxious had finally ended. David’s heart overflowed with gratefulness for God’s protection, provision, strength, and deliverance. Psalm 18 is an incredibly descriptive song written by David on the day that the Lord delivered…


Psalm 17. Hear My Case. I’m Innocent!

What should we do when we’ve been unjustly accused of wrong and want our innocence made known?   PSALM 17. In this Psalm we read David’s words to God concerning how he has been wrongfully accused by an enemy. He has been greatly hurt and is grieving deeply. I’m talking weeping and serious lamenting. Have you ever felt…