A product of parents who were diligent to not repeat their past, she grew up in a fun-loving, peaceful home, where character was important and God’s love was taught and lived out. Rhonda carries this message of transforming hearts and homes for Christ through her writing and speaking. She believes in the power of mentoring and is a product of many women investing into her home and desires to pass on practical tips that will change your life, relationship with Christ, marriage, parenting, and even the tone of your home.

Rhonda has been married almost 40 years, has 6 children, homeschooled more than twenty-five years, rose to the highest leadership level in her home-based business Creative Memories, and has spoken to groups all across America. She’s a gifted communicator who shares with transparency, humor and depth. She opens her home monthly to teach women on a variety of topics – including growing in Christ, parenting, character, marriage, people skills, friendships, hospitality, #lovingotherswell, and more. Her teaching includes biblical principles and fresh examples from real life. Her passion: God’s Word chiseling hearts and in the process, women parenting with purpose and cultivating peaceful homes.


1. I’m Rhonda Ellis.

2. For the record, I was in my 40’s when I started this blog…until the next week happened.

3. I hope you’ll feel like we’re sitting on the back porch talking, crying, and laughing as we share our journeys in life. #backporchfriends

4. I can do small talk, but prefer deep conversations. #heartfriends

5. I write about: my journey with Christ, parenting to the heart, a peaceful home, #lovingotherswell, #danielkickscancer, #heatherkickscancer, friendships, mentoring.

6. John and I married in college!

7. The WHY behind my writing and speaking is so that believers truly #liveoutChrist in the easy and difficult times.

8. I LOVE to read your comments and ideas and hear specific ways you’re applying God’s word to your heart, home, and #lovingotherswell.

9. We have six kids, two daughter in loves, two son in loves, three grandkids, and one more on the way!

10. Our home has kids and their friends continually coming and going… and we love having them in our lives.

11. My love languages – Quality Time and Words of Affirmation.

12. My first email address was created after the birth of our 4th child. Mine: John’s:

13. I won! Did you know I also speak on goal-setting.^^ lol

14. Ideas dance around in my mind all the time. Squirrel.

15. My son Daniel had cancer at the age of 21. You can read his incredible story and hear his testimony on my website #danielkickscancer. He’s doing well.

16. My daughter Heather also had cancer at the age of 19 #heatherkickscancer. She’s doing well.

17. Favorite Christmas family tradition: writing letters to Jesus on His birthday.

18. I am the founder and self-nominated recipient of the Fun Mom Alert award. (I was the only applicant.)

19. Fam TIme is my fav! Talking. Laughing. Spicy Uno. Spades. Netflix. Boating. Skiing.

20. I was a top leader in a home business (Creative Memories) for 21 years- and that’s where my passion and understanding of people skills/leadership skills/business skills grew.

21. Key to people skills: show interest in the other person.

22. I homeskuled for over 25 years.

23. I have many weaknesses and value the strengths in others.

24. I run two Airbnb’s – The Sunrise Suite and The Sanctuary Jacksonville

25. I get to have my grandkids every Monday night through Tuesday night when I go to pickleball.

26. My monthly in-my-home gatherings are called Cultivate. My VIDEOS from Cultivate are free and on this website and YouTube. Watch alone, with your spouse, and in a group. Share on social media.

27. Largest Cultivate: 120 people. Topic: homeschooling. Location: our garage.

28. I keep a running list of great BOOKS TO READ and movies to watch. (Please share your favorites with me!)

29. Love sitting around the island in the kitchen with my kids’ friends and hearing about their lives.

30. My four daughters and I share the same middle name.

31. There is freedom apart from legalism.

32. I know about depression, write about it, and have found Psalms and Job to be incredibly rich.

33. Our fam’s unique passion is hospitality.

34. Come join my facebook page

35. Love me some quiet.

36. We are University of Florida Gator fans and graduates.

37. True joy is found in obedience to the Lord and in serving Him. #expecttrustobey

38. May God’s will be done in and through Cultivating A Home. #cultivatingahome

39. You can read more about me in a feature story at PinkCoffeePhoto.

40. I always sign my blog posts/emails with a tagline-hashtag-like thing between my first and intentionally lower-cased last name.

41. I sometimes have trouble with boundaries. (Get it?)

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