At Cultivating a Home we are impacting hearts and homes for Christ by teaching biblically based principles for spouses and children. We believe in intentional heart change so that marriages and families reflect the peaceful and loving message of Jesus Christ.


Starting out as a series of home-based meetings originally called “Ladies Night Out”, the ministry of Cultivating A Home has grown in numerous ways, now reaching people far beyond those living room meetings. Fueling the growth is the response of women who have encountered life-changing insights from founder Rhonda Ellis. Rhonda writes and speaks about real life,“what I am learning from the Bible and my personal walk with Christ.” And she is particularly gifted in translating those life lessons into practical messages that reach the heart of women of all ages and stages of life.

Communicating with transparency, vulnerability, and humor, Rhonda speaks from her personal experience as a devoted wife, mother, (and homeschooler) of six children. Her lessons are from the heart and the anvil of day-to-day living–both practical and encouraging.



IN THIS VIDEO: In an intimate home setting with close friends and family, Rhonda Ellis launches the non profit ministry Cultivating a Home, sharing the threads in her life that led to a ministry whose passion is mentoring women, raising kids with character and cultivating a peaceful home. She also shares her vision, the resources available through the ministry, and shows the first CAH product intended to keep Christ in Christmas.