Cultivating Christmas Keepsakes

 Cultivating Christmas, keepsake, Jesus Stocking CULTIVATING CHRISTMAS GIFT SET ONE: $40.00 (includes shipping)


  •    JESUS stocking
  •    Gifts for Jesus 
  •    Cultivate Christmas
  •    Hand packaged with gift box

Currently unavailable. Check back for updates!

 Cultivating Christmas Gift for Jesus GIFTS FOR JESUS   $5.00 (includes shipping)


  • You’ll want one per family member. (One is included with each stocking order.)
  • Provides thought-provoking questions to guide practical gift-giving for Jesus on his birthday.
  • Lightly lined pages to annually record age/year along with your specific gifts for Jesus
  • Store in stocking throughout the year. Next year take out, review, and write anew.
  • Each fits perfectly into the customized stocking pocket or store additional GIfts for Jesus inside the stocking.
  • Use pigma pens for acid free, fade proof, smear proof quality

Currently unavailable. Check back for updates!

 Cultivating Christmas traditions that keep Christ in Christmas CULTIVATE CHRISTMAS   $7.50 (includes shipping)


  • You’ll want one of these per family (Included in the “trio” sets)
  • 48 pages of ideas to keep Christ in Christmas
  • Christmas traditions, ministry opportunities, and ministry meals
  • Ideas to have your family focused on Christ and giving to others during the Christmas season
  • Includes easy, delicious recipes intended to bless others with a homecooked meal

Currently unavailable. Check back for updates!

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7% sales tax will be added to all Florida orders

Your favorite family tradition is just about to begin. A new way to give gifts to Jesus. 

You’ll be delighted to open your Cultivating Christmas gift box that houses a beautifully hand-made, boutique quality stocking. Each burlap stocking is 16” long with 6” opening and is personalized with JESUS or the name of your choice and is fully-lined and perfectly pocketed to fit the Gifts for Jesus journal inside. If ordering a JESUS stocking for your friends or family, simply order the additional Gifts for Jesus needed to accommodate one per family member. These can be placed right into the stocking and stored there all year long.


Personalize one per family member for FREE.


Gifts for Jesus journals fit perfectly inside the pocket.