Rhonda makes a wonderful addition to any conference, retreat or other women’s event. And she can be your main speaker for a day or weekend. Tell us more about your event, including dates, location and topic, theme, or desired outcome, and we’ll get right back to you. To see the range of topics covered or to get ideas for your event, see our list below.

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Rhonda and Kelly

Testimonial:  “I am a pastor’s wife in Gainesville Florida. Rhonda Ellis was our speaker this past January. Our Women simply loved Rhonda and they all want to hear her again… it was the best women’s retreat we have ever had. I want to help Rhonda’s message get to other families.” – Kelly Carr

Most Popular Topics for groups, churches, and organizations:

  • Setting family goals: How to run your home and parent with intentionality based on God’s Word and time with the Lord
  • Cultivating a Peaceful Home
  • Intentional Parenting: What the Bible says about our role
  • Parenting to the heart of your child
  • Raising Children with Character
  • Put off/Put on: Biblically approaching sin in our homes
  • Training Ahead: an everyday skill that will change your home
  • Favorite Phrases: practical parenting tips you’ll never forget that will shape your family
  • That your children may know God and the works of God: how to truly make God and talking of God be a priority in your home
  • Generous Eyes: Growing a family culture that easily sees and responds to needs
  • Cultivating a Respectful Home
  • Marriage
  • Teaching Children to Respect their Father
  • Cultivating a Gentle Spirit
  • Growing in your walk with the Lord
  • His Sweetness in Suffering
  • My Journey/Your Journey: God’s plan of creating passion for your unique ministry
  • Loving Others Well: how to step out of your comfort zone and love others as Christ
  • Trust. Obey. How to hear the Holy Spirit and bless others, even in our own insecurities
  • True Joy is found in serving
  • Cultivating an others’ focused home
  • Cultivating hospitable hearts and homes. Using all you have to bless others
  • Serving the Lord in all seasons of life
  • Cultivating Friendships: how to make friends, be a friend, and cultivate intimate, heart friends
  • Cultivating Excellent People Skills: practical tips to be others’ focused
  • The Art of Mentoring: What, Why, How, The Benefits
  • Mother/Daughter Journey through Suffering
  • Leadership Development: lessons learned through a home business
  • Cultivating Christmas: keeping Christ in Christ in Christmas
  • How to biblically handle our emotions: Turnaround of the heart
  • Running an organized and efficient home
  • Homeschooling
  • Goal setting for summer time