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Bria Robbert

As a follower of Christ, my desire is to always grow in my relationship with Him and with others.  So, when I heard about a Bible Study for young moms, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  A great meal, fellowship with other women and studying God’s word had to be great, right?  I had no idea how these monthly meetings would impact my life and those around me.  I minister to college students and began to realize that what I was learning through Rhonda’s teachings, I was able to pass on to these students and use in my life personally.  God is using Rhonda to touch lives of people she doesn’t even know because of the seeds she plants that are shared with friends, family and those we minister to.  Whether it’s discipline, people skills, training ahead, parenting to the heart, traditions, quiet times, evaluation of personalities and character traits, these special sessions are for women of all ages, married, single, children, no children, grandmothers.  She truly gives the “gift that keeps on giving.

Tammy Brown

I like coming to Cultivating a Home because it’s like being mentored.

Melissa Jones

Cultivate plowed into so many areas of my life. Words of wisdom
like the following challenged me to reshape my thinking and prune my
-Molding your child’s character is far greater than grooming them for
academic/athletic success.
-Make Sundays special. It is the Lord’s day. Use those glass-encased
dishes. Create memories and aromas that will waft throughout your
-Ask for help! You are not equipped to be single, married or parent on
your own.

I am thankful for the ministry to women that Rhonda lovingly leads. I
pray many hearts, minds and lives will be transformed by Rhonda as she
uses the power of God’s Word seasoned with wit, sincerity and openness.

Terrette Mitchell

Six years ago I was invited to join a friend at Ladies Night Out. A precious sister in Christ had opened her home to ladies to come share a meal, to fellowship with one another and hear Rhonda Ellis speak. What a wonderful time of sharing hearts with women desiring a deeper walk with the Lord. Most of the women were young mothers but what I heard that night applied to all women no matter their stage in life.  Rhonda spoke about character qualities, training ahead, setting the tone of your home and how God’s word must be used in all we do. The way in which she made practical application of God’s word was like none I had ever heard. When she begin to wrap up her session, I was astonished she had been speaking for 45 minutes. I didn’t want it to end!!! What started as an invite to an event has ended with a wonderful friendship with this godly woman as well as a huge supporter of her ministry. I believe this world can be changed one home at a time and that God will use Rhonda to impact homes for His glory.

Melody Holland

Rhonda Ellis is an amazing and godly young woman, wise beyond her years.  She has a very practical and yet biblical approach to the Word of God and uses it to bring great understanding to the lives of her audience, especially in regards to parenting.  I have heard her speak on numerous occasions and her humor blended with her knowledge of God’s Word and practical application of the Word of God to the lives of women and mothers is incredible.  She is able to keep everyone fully engaged and the truths she shares speak to every stage of a woman’s life and every phase of motherhood.  She is a speaker that is often requested again and again by the ladies as she connects so well with her audience.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick
Women's Ministry Director at First Baptist Jacksonville, FL

I first got to know Mrs. Ellis when I was in seventh grade. My family home schooled with her’s at a co-op. She taught Life Management. The lessons she taught me then I still carry with me today. I learned practical ways to live out Philippians 2:3-4: “Do nothing through selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” I learned “When you think something nice, say it.” She taught me to be a “There you are” person, not a “Here I am” person.

She even taught us tips on speaking in public. I’ll still find myself thinking “That’s not good people skills.” Or, “They have great people skills.” I am blessed to have gotten to know Mrs. Ellis and learn from her ministry how to love Jesus and others well.

Olivia Ingoldsby

Your ministry has been such a blessing.

God taught me many nuggets of truth from you. The one that has impacted my family the most is to be about others. Just yesterday we delivered food to a family. The Father just had open heart surgery and was at home recovering. Before going inside, I practiced with my children how to share their smile and say hello, we talked about questions to ask the family and we also talked about not announcing to everyone that we cooked for this family (although here I am telling you). I no longer allow my children to hide behind my leg or not answer when someone is talking to them. I am amazed at the boldness that is growing in each of their lives and also the compassion for others that is growing in their hearts b/c of the truth God had you share with me. Our family would be missing out on seeing the work of God if we had not changed our minds from being fear-oriented to others-oriented. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there truly is freedom -and blessing -and joy…I could go on and on.

I hope this testimonial encourages your heart!



Sara Wuczynski

I started attending LNO/CAH about 7 years ago. It was a time in my life when the Lord had led me to be very intentional about discipling my children. I learned so much from Rhonda about having a peaceful home, nurturing relationships between siblings and parenting the heart of each child. She not only teaches wonderful truth from God’s Word but continually lives it out in the way she ministers to others. She is so gifted at allowing God to use her and listening to His still small voice to minister to those He puts in her path. She is always about the other person. She has so beautifully modeled this to me and my children. Every time I hear her speak I walk away with a nugget of godly wisdom. She has a real passion for leading women to love Christ supremely and model that to their children. Every mom would benefit greatly from her teaching on the home. It has been invaluable to me throughout the years and I am eternally grateful for the way her teaching as impacted my home.

Denise Ingoldsby

I have had the privilege of sitting under Mrs. Rhonda’s teaching for several years. Now.  Each time I attend a “Cultivate” event I leave encouraged and empowered to raise my kids to know and love God.  Every parenting tip or advice Mrs. Rhonda gives is rooted and grounded in God’s word.

Cultivate was my first experience in using scripture to build character in my children.  Mrs. Rhonda makes scripture come alive.  She helps me to see everything I do with my kids must be centered around the Bible.  She teaches how to apply scripture to build character, to discipline and to know the Lord.  She gives great real life, personal examples of how she has done this with her own kids.  This always gives a clear picture of how to do this at home.

God’s word isn’t just used to admonish our children.  Mrs. Rhonda constantly challenges that “mama” needs to go before the Lord first and examine their own heart.  She instructs that prayer and the moving of the Holy Spirit are vital to walking with the Lord and raising godly children.

Training ahead is a term often used by Mrs. Rhonda.  This is a lesson I have never stopped appreciating.  At almost any age, Mrs. Rhonda teaches how important it is to prepare your child for any situation.  She role plays training ahead to demonstrate the concept.  One example of training ahead I used personally was preparing my daughter to be around adults.  Per Mrs. Rhonda’s leading, I instructed my daughter on how to talk with an adult making eye contact, speaking to be heard, being engaged in conversation and offering respect.

There is rich wisdom in Mrs. Rhonda’s teaching.  She has such a big heart for helping women at all stages of life to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord.  I have learned more than I could ever put into words.  My life and my family’s life is better by knowing Mrs. Rhonda.

Laura Wuerffel

As a new parent, I quickly found out that the parenting world was full of many different opinions, psychological theories and principles.  Having a degree in Family and Child Sciences I had studied what all the books of the world had to say about the development of children.  But once I became a parent myself I knew the most important and foundational book I needed was the Word of God.  I also knew I wanted to find a role model or “example” family that had been successful in raising godly children.  I wanted a mentor type figure who relied on God’s Word for training and instruction in all things.

I was invited by a friend to go hear Rhonda speak.  Her topic that night was parenting to the heart of your child.  After leaving I knew I had found a godly woman that was full of wisdom on how to use scripture as guidance for all things parenting.  I remember sending Rhonda an e-mail that night thanking her for sharing her wisdom and biblical truths with us young moms.  I was so encouraged and motivated to begin searching the scriptures for direction in my parenting and also making biblical teaching a foundational part of the parenting process.

Since then I have continued to listen to and build a relationship

with Rhonda Ellis.  It has been 6 years since we have first met.

Every time I have the opportunity to hear her speak I feel renewed as a mom to cling to the scriptures to train the hearts of my children.

She always reminds me to be transparent as a mother, put the needs of others before my own and to “stop the world” when there is a heart issue that needs to be dealt with (a heart issue of a child or my

own).  It is the parents’ job to fight for our children’s hearts!

Because if we don’t have their hearts, if we don’t fight and put in the effort to biblically correct and purge their sinful ways, they will be left to deal with the world, the flesh and the devil all on their own – what a scary and uncertain place to leave your child!  As a parent we must know what we are up against and fight for our children’s hearts on a daily basis.  So, thank you Rhonda for showing me how to fight for my child’s heart and for being an example of biblical parenting in action!

Shelby Brewer

I am so blessed that God brought CAH and Rhonda into my Life. She has a heart to mentor women and a gift to teach with real life application. I won’t forget the first time I heard her speak about people skills. Many of us have made excuses for our children”s “shyness” ,maybe even our own. Her teaching made me almost jump out of my seat! “Shyness is making life about yourself, you must think of others!” Simple quotes like this and many others has impacted my life, this cultivated a friendship that I treasure. Rhonda lives out her faith and is truly a servant driven leader.  Her influence is encouraging so many women and making a difference in changing homes for Christ!


Linda Knuth