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Psalm 18. A Grateful Retrospect. Attributes of God Experienced During Darkness

When the darkness is finally lifted, how will you reflect back on God?   PSALM 18. David’s lengthy dark period of being chased, frightened, and anxious had finally ended. David’s heart overflowed with gratefulness for God’s protection, provision, strength, and deliverance. Psalm 18 is an incredibly descriptive song written by David on the day that the Lord delivered…


Psalm 17. Hear My Case. I’m Innocent!

What should we do when we’ve been unjustly accused of wrong and want our innocence made known?   PSALM 17. In this Psalm we read David’s words to God concerning how he has been wrongfully accused by an enemy. He has been greatly hurt and is grieving deeply. I’m talking weeping and serious lamenting. Have you ever felt…


Psalm 15. How Well Do You Treat Others?

Do your walk, works, and words bear evidence of Christ in you? PSALM 15. In these five verses David asked the Lord, “Who is worthy to live in Heaven?” David knew that the only true blameless one is Jesus Christ. Although the men at that time wanted to base their righteousness on their adherence to the required law, David…


Psalm 14. Stubbornly Rejecting God

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”   PSALM 14.  This Psalm describes the heart and actions of a foolish person. Three types of fools are in the BIble, but the one mentioned in Psalm 14 is derived from the Hebrew word “nabal” and means someone who stubbornly rejects wisdom.  Nabal lived in the days of David…