Mentoring is a Two-Way Street.

One of the topics you’ll read about at Cultivating a Home is mentoring.  Titus 2 addresses the importance and how-to’s of this. I have been blessed to be a part of mentoring many young ladies who have become dear friends. I invested into their lives, and they into my children’s lives – and before long, our journey together was a mutual friendship. Some of these ladies are now in their thirties and our friendship that started 15 -20 years ago still continues. I hope to have them write about their experiences on this blog in the upcoming year. One recent story is shared here.  I hope you see the value of mentoring and some of the unexpected blessings from this two-way street after reading this story.

One of my BPF’s Stephanie began mentoring a young lady eight years ago. Their relationship grew into a sweet friendship. Her “mentee,” Andi, shared her perspective on their journey. You can read that here. Today, Stephanie’s telling her side of the story- the unexpected blessings of mentoring: a two-way street.


Unexpected Blessings of Mentoring, by Stephanie Little

The day I met Andi, I thought she was a young woman who had it all together.

She was sweet and knowledgeable about the preschoolers under her care. She seemed to be fully confident in her new position in our church and her new life in our town.

As we talked, laughter came easy, and I discovered she was the kind of person who accepted people as they were, flaws and all…Which was great, because I have many. Andi is an athlete and I had just become a “runner.” She offered to help me on my long runs and soon became a much needed running coach. As we spent long hours together, a deep trust was built and the walls of protection I mistook as confidence came tumbling down. Andi shared past hurts and future fears. We looked to God and His Word as we worked through some of the pain of her past. She helped me see that the flaws I tried to cover in my own life were really testimonies of God’s grace. I had always seen the older women of Titus 2 as the ones who had mastered the role of a godly woman. I thought as a “mentor” I needed to be perfect. She helped me to see that I just needed to be real.

Andi came to live with us for a while. I was able to teach her how to cook and care for a family, while she taught me how to relax and enjoy my family. As she took in all that a Christian family is, she helped me see how truly blessed we are. Stepping back and seeing things through her eyes brought clarity to my own in areas where perfectionism previously blurred my vision.




Click HERE to read Andi’s side of this two-way street. Then hop over to my Facebook page and share your thoughts on mentoring. Of course, you know, we all love to see your comments below as well.

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