You can watch FREE videos from Cultivate on the VIDEO page of our website, or click on the link below.  Watch while you’re cooking or soaking in the tub. Watch with some friends gathered for coffee in your home. Listen with your spouse with pen and paper in hand. It’s always especially incredible when a husband is involved, desiring to learn and lead his little nation. May this information be used to impact hearts and homes for Christ.

Topics on this video: 

  • Habit God wants us to all have – to first deal with our own hearts
  • Whose responsibility is it to teach children?
  • What is character?
  • What are character qualities?
  • Greatest commandment
  • Don’t let your children get away with being selfish!!
  • “Stop the World.”  (You’ll use this tip right away.)
  • How does God teach us?
  • Four ways to evaluate your children’s character
  • Specific ways to make character training happen in your home
  • “Training Ahead” (a parenting tip that you’ll use practically every day)
  • Put off/Put on principle – this will radically change the way you address your child and sin

Praying now for all who will watch this video. Praying that you’ll have an AH HA! moment at least once, recognizing an area you personally need chiseling from the Lord or an area that you’ve let slide in your home. Praying that you’ll be challenged and better equipped in your role to shepherd your child’s heart. Praying for you parents in this process of raising children with character.

A little behind-the-scenes from this month’s CULTIVATE:

On the third Tuesday of each month my family and I open our home to women who want to grow in their walk with the Lord and receive teaching to help them with parenting and cultivating a peaceful home.

This gathering of women is called Cultivate.

At the last Cultivate forty women came through our doors.

We start the evening at 6:30, praying around the island in the kitchen, then begin eating at various rooms in the house. A delicious chicken and rice dish, salad, and bread had been made by my friend Tammy – who I actually never met until she began coming to LNO (previous name for Cultivate) about five years ago. She saw that my family was cooking each month (which we loved) and saw that she could use her passion for cooking and love of hospitality to make dinner each month for Cultivate. WOW!! Thank you, Tammy! Desserts are brought by the ladies attending – sometimes we have a little and other times we have a smorgasbord.

Some great nuggets right there. Did you catch them? 1) Allow people to help in their area of giftedness. 2)Volunteer your skills to lighten the load of others. 3) Look for ways to bless others using your unique passions and interests. 4)Don’t pressure people to bring desserts or be disappointed that they brought store-bought instead of homemade. Go with what cha got. 5) To be hospitable and create an easy-going, welcoming environment, don’t add pressure or rules (like “to attend you MUST …” They can feel it.

After eating, talking, and laughing together – oftentimes with people who’ve never met, it’s time for some teaching. We move to the den where seating is arranged. RSVP’s have been taken ahead, often with the numbers changing that day. No one needs to know – just you, the set up crew (kids), and the food peeps. Some show up without having RSVPed… to which I offer another free tip... YAY!!! I’m glad they came and didn’t NOT come because they felt any underlying “rules” that I did or did not communicate.

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