There are going to be insecurities I have to face as Cultivating a Home grows.

like feeling exposed to the readers. Should I share that or not?

like feeling vulnerable. Will my transparency help?

like wondering what some people in my world really think when they’ve never said one thing about my blogging.

like trying to fix a technical glitch.

like letting go of the hard water stains on the toilets and what someone might think. (Okay, I’m still insecure about that one).

like being in front of a camera…like,

A Photo Shoot.


Talk about meeting an insecurity head on.

Honestly, in my early twenties I did some modeling classes and they finally were honest with me. “…you’re more like the lady behind the register at the grocery store.”  Thank you. That would scar me for life.

Melissa thought I needed some “real” pictures so she scheduled a photo shoot with Lyndsay, owner of Pink Coffee Photo.

A few hours before Lyndsay arrived, I realized it would have been smart to plan ahead. Uh oh…she’s coming to take photos, I suddenly recalled.

Lyndsay arrived with a big, bright smile and vibrant eyes that sparkled with a fun personality.  Shoot! (no pun intended.) I’d have to admit to her I hadn’t picked out the “wardrobe.” She was reassuring and easy-going, pointed out her fav shirts, and acted like this is how everyone acts.

I felt like an awkward, insecure,  giggling, out of character, 40 year old. (I said felt like. Okay?) She handled me well, though, and eased my fears.

To misquote her, she said something like this, “Even the most confident of people feel vulnerable in front of the camera because they’re exposed.”

Lyndsay did a feature story of Cultivating a Home on her blog, PinkCoffeePhoto. Thanks, Lyndsay. Here are a few of the photos.




Meet Lyndsay.


Not only does she have her own biz, and blog, and encompass the aforementioned qualities and more…

Lyndsay is the great-granddaughter and granddaughter of my first pastors  in Jacksonville, the late Dr. Homer G. Lindsay, Sr and Homer G. Lindsay,Jr. And, some of my readers may even remember her mom Peggy, who is apparently “all that and a bag of chips.” (my words). Lyndsay speaks so highly of her.  I’d never personally met Lyndsay until this moment and she oozed with the love of the Lord.

Over and Above.

Melissa and I took Lyndsay out to dinner after the photo session. We talked for hours. What an encouraging friend… so real, so transparent, sharing life lessons and our journeys of continual heart chiseling. What a delight to see a young mom so in love with Jesus.

She offered much needed blogging and business tips. I accepted. Hey, even the look and content of my Facebook page changed because of her advice.

We talked so long that the servers came out to the patio to let us know they had already closed. I was actually hoping to talk for a few more hours. I might have to ask her to come back again and be one of my BPF’s. (Back Porch Friends)



LIOM. Do you get awkward in front of the camera when it’s just you?

Rhonda ihopesomeonesharesafunnystorysoI’mnottheonlyonefeelingthis ellis

  1. Marie

    You are beautiful, inside AND out! Even though I only knew you briefly 30 some years ago, you still continue to impact my life. To God be the glory!

    • Thanks, Marie. We have some good memories.

  2. Lyndsay

    Rhonda! Thank you for your warmth, hospitality, and laughter. But mostly for making me sound so much better than I really am. 🙂 That’s what real friends do, right?!

    • Lyndsay, you’re so much fun.

  3. Beth Chin

    I think I will start blogging since I know both of you and think you are both amazing. :).

    • Hi Beth! Welcome back! I saw you’re heading up the children’s ministry at the church plant. How exciting!

  4. Susan Johnston

    Rhonda I sooo agree with you. Lyndsay is PRECIOUS and she radiates Jesus in all she does. What a blessing she is to all of us and she has such a precious little family too

    • Hi Susan, so great to hear from you. Thanks for validating these compliments for Lyndsay and her family. What a sweet group of friends you have.

  5. Marcie

    Your pictures turned out beautifully & I totally understand what you say about feeling awkward behind the camera. In my “younger days” I never had a problem being in a picture & nowadays I find myself avoiding it & always being the one willing to take the pictures. Thank you though for your transparency & honesty!

    • Hi Marcie, Thanks for commenting. I often reflect on our conversation at Target and the encouragement you were to me – at a time when I needed it. And, thank you for letting me know you can relate to this.

  6. Elizabeth prestwood

    I am so proud of you! And thankful for all you share!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth.

  7. peggy hamrick

    This is awesome, Rhonda. Keep up the good work, friend.

    • Thanks for being my praying and encouraging friend.

  8. Jennifer Holland

    YES! I too have insecurities in front of the camera!! I go through a check list before a picture is taken….how’s my hair?….is there anything in my teeth?….yada yada yada… (Something I need to work on) HOWEVER, I never turn down a picture BECAUSE, I love looking back on pictures of my grandparents and great grandparents, but there are not many. Nobody liked their picture taken, so it was just on Christmas and other huge family gatherings. So sad to me. We are ever changing. Hair styles, clothes styles, likes,and dislikes…I would have loved to see more of these beautiful women in there younger years…40’s, 50’s, 60’s. My Grandma told me, when she was in her 70’s…”I don’t know why I didn’t let anyone take my picture in my 40’s and 50’s… 70, those were my “Good” years” At 70, I think she realized it was very silly…and very self thinking to not let someone take a memory and make it permanent. My children will have memories of mommy on a “Hair and Make up” day and those “Homeless” looking days. =) Lol.
    I love love love Your Pictures! This is how I always see you!!!! I am so glad these pictures are the TRUE you! =)

  9. Jennifer, with you helping me in my home, you’ve certainly seen the no make-up days more than the make-up days. I’m so thankful for you and your sweet spirit. Thanks for the reminder for all of us about being IN the pictures!!

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