NURSE APPRECIATION WEEK was during Daniel’s Eleventh Chemo. We wanted to honor the chemo infusion nurses and staff who have cared so well for Daniel during these past six months of his battle with cancer.  Here’s how we did it. Thanks to all who helped in loving them well.


MY PRAYER: From the very beginning of this journey, I have asked God to open our eyes and hearts to the needs of others, including ways to love others well. Daniel has been willing to not only share his journey, with humility and vulnerability, but he has actively participated in reaching out to others.

How can a young man facing such a path of discomfort and fearful unknowns focus on others? It’s about the lens through which life is viewed. The perspective… Self or God. Self or others. Getting or Giving. Frightened or Trusting. Angry or Joyful. Anxious or Peaceful. Grateful or Ungrateful.


MY HEART: It’s my desire to raise children who are others-focused, givers, grateful.. ones who see God in everything and who are willing for their lives to be used in proclaiming His faithfulness. #heisworthytobepraised  May you all see Christ in Daniel and in this journey we’re on.


A NURSE APPRECIATION WEEK BANNER was made for chemo patients and caregivers to sign throughout the week.

nurse appreciation week banner ideas

PERSONALLY WRITTEN THANK YOU NOTES for each nurse, aid, and chemo infusion staff.

Nurse Appreciation Week for the chemo infusion staff


FAMOUS PEOPLE SIGNED THE BANNER.…okay, well, maybe there was a little forgery taking place.

Banner Forged Signatures


I’m hoping you’re getting a chuckle out of these…

Nurse Appreciation Week Banner Forged Signatures


and noticing the play on words hidden in each…



It’s kindof an Ellis humor thing… Forgeries seem to show up on nearly all banners we make.

Nurse Appreciation Week Banner idea



nurse appreciation week banner, ideas


CHICK FIL A BOXED LUNCHES: chicken sandwiches, fruit bowls, chocolate chip cookies, sauces, sweet tea, lemonade. 35 of ’em!!

They’ve donated food during each chemo as a way to show support to our family and those battling cancer. It’s provided an easy way for us to meet and talk with other patients and loved ones each chemo

Chick Fil A donated to oncology Nurses for Nurse Appreciation Week


VISIT ‘EM: If you’re driving through Jacksonville on I-95, be sure to show support right back to them. Turn off at Exit 363 and tell them you read about them. ?❤️ Look… it took five of us to carry everything. (I was the fifth..but set things down to snap this photo.)

Chick Fil A donates to cancer patients


A TABLE WITH ALL THESE GIFTS WAS SET UP IN THEIR BREAK ROOM: table runner, white washed box with goodies…

nurse appreciation week


PEDICURE GIFT BAGS were made by my friend Valerie, a former nurse, who knows that nurses are on their feet all day. Aren’t these labels adorable. She’s generous and a prayer warrior.  I’ll be honest with you.. I wanted to keep one of these for myself… but, I didn’t.

Pedicure gift bags for Nurse Appreciation Week


HANDMADE CARDS were made by children. My friends Ashley and Mary involved their kids in honoring nurses. They’ve been faithful prayer warriors of Daniel and simply wanted to be a blessing… and teach their children to be others-focused. I love how “nursses” is misspelled and the mom didn’t have them redo it!!! #mamalike #precious

Nurse Appreciation cards made by children


HOMEMADE DESSERTS. Mary made two desserts that were big hits. The recipes were highly requested.

Homemade desserts to celebrate Nurse Appreciation Week

Desserts made for Nurse Appreciation Week


MONEY WAS DONATED. A friend who works with the youth at her church and whose son is a nursing major at college, donated $100 to contribute towards a gift basket. As you can tell, chocolates and delicious treats were among the many items purchased.

Gift basket for Nurse Appreciation Week


KELSEY AND I HAD FUN SHOPPING… and posing for this mother/daughter selfie in a mirror. #mamalike

Kelsey and I shopping for Nurse Appreciation Week


THANK YOU for your care to each cancer patient and their loved ones. Each new patient is fearful and you love them well and treat them as gently as each one before them. Thank you, thank you.

Nurse Appreciation Week

nurses 5

Nurses Appreciation Week

Nurse Appreciation Week

Nurse Appreciation Week

I hope these awesome caregivers felt loved and honored. May we be intentional to view life through the lens of giving, honoring, meeting needs, and expressing gratitude to those around us.


Share your thoughts.. and any ideas for next year’s Nurse Appreciation Week.


Rhonda whocouldyouhonortoday ellis