Celebrating 100 Blog Posts!

Thanks for stopping by to read my 100th blog post. To God be the glory for His plans – whatever they may be, wherever they may lead. May I be found faithful.

I’m celebrating this 100 milestone by thanking YOU with these Give-Aways!!

  • one – $100 gift certificate to Chick Fil A
  • ten – coupon for a free Chick Fil A sandwich, compliments of CFA Marsh Landing Parkway in Jacksonville, FL
  • one- Chick Fil A book by Truett Cathy, compliments of CFA Marsh Landing Parkway in Jacksonville, FL

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Here’s a “Behind the Scenes” look at stats from Cultivating a Home blog:

My first post was in May 2014. One hundred posts later…

Cultivating a Home Readership:

9,924 to date.

Top Twenty Posts by readership volume:

  1. T2T: Creating a Calm and Peaceful Home
  2. Three Friends to the Rescue
  3. Getting Priorities for the School Year – from God
  4. T2T: A Gift of Dependency on God
  5. Overcoming a Painful Past
  6. Video Page
  7. About Rhonda
  8. Garage Sale Treasures and Unkind Words
  9. Facing Insecurities as Cultivatingahome Grows
  10. Meals on Wheels
  11. We Cry, Heartbroken- They Cry, Crushed
  12. T2T Mistakes and Regrets
  13. Special Pizza Delivery
  14. Garage Sale Treasures and Kind Words
  15. Obedience 
  16. Desire to Impress Leads to Hypocrisy
  17. T2T: The Selfish Sibling
  18. T2T: A Peak Into Lisa’s Quiet Time
  19. When You Hear Something Nice, Pass it On
  20. One of the Best Ways of Helping a Friend who is Grieving

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Top Cities in Florida by readership volume:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this journey. Tell your friends!! This grows by your word of mouth. I appreciate you all.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Your comments are enjoyed, important, and helpful. Share what’s been helpful, encouraging, what you’d like to hear more about, topics of interest to you.

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