Making Your House a Home

When I was newly married, I wanted to learn how to make our home feel more comfortable and cozy. I read books on this topic. I observed other homes and the details that made their home feel welcoming. I got ideas from friends and older woman whose homes made you feel relaxed and at ease. Little by little, step by step, I incorporated small changes and added special touches that made our home uniquely ours.

I learned that  soft  pillows and throw blankets on the fireplace hearth added to the warmth I wanted in my home.  I learned that setting out a puzzle could put some guests at ease. I replaced the word “house” with “home,” realizing one spoke more of relationships and the other of the building. I learned that each room should have a purpose. I  learned that having the kids’ artwork on display quietly communicated, “You are part of this home. Your work is valued. We love your creativity. You belong here.”

Art pieces from a young age can be showcased on the fridge. You can look at Pinterest for children’s art gallery ideas and make a wall of creativity or create a one-of-a-kind art gallery wall to display their favorite pictures.

My purpose in sharing this is not the art itself, but how art can be incorporated into making your house a home that represents all family members. Here are some splashes of children’s creativity woven into the decor of our home. Be forewarned. I’m not a decorator, nor am I a Pinterest professional

Incorporating Children’s Art into Your Home

“Where thou art, that is home.” by Emily Dickinson

Feature a children’s art gallery wall.




Groupings by medium or theme


This curio cabinet houses pottery pieces made by the kids.


Alexis loves photography and made this for me  for Mother’s Day.


Showcase their own creations as part of their bedroom decor.


The girls painted monogram canvases, easily updating their room by changing out pink accessories to teal.


Spotlight their own creations, pillows, monogram wall hangings, and sewing projects.


Display hand-crafted frames and showcase their own photography. (Thanks, Gabi.)


Their shelves can exhibit their unique and favorite art projects through the years.


Mix your children’s artwork into your decor.


These pieces of pottery were made by my kids under the tutelage of an art teacher. In the center are eight little Bibles, each with one of our family member’s name embossed on the cover. My husband and I were each given one when we were born. We carried on that same tradition with our own children.


Treat children’s artwork as The decoration of choice.

These drawings are by Alexis and Kelsey who each took an art class in college.



Share ways you’ve incorporated your children’s creative pieces into your decor. You can post your photos on our Facebook page here.

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