On Facebook yesterday, I nominated MYSELF for a “FUN MOM Alert.” It’s something that I usually write in the comments section, under OTHER moms’ photos or posts on Facebook, when I see that they are clearly doing something FUN with their children. I just simply write “Fun Mom Alert” and leave it at that.

Yesterday was one of those days for me, so I thought I’d actually – just for fun- nominate myself for this award. Here’s my Facebook post:


You see, I’m on this life-long pursuit to be intentional (I do seem to use that word a lot…hmm), I mean purposeful to try to take moments to be a FUN MOM.

You know, to consider my kids’ agenda over my own serious one and to notice their different personalities and times that I can take a detour off my normal path to enter their world and, well… shock them.. or have them fall to the floor and say, “REALLY? You’ll ride the four-wheeler with me?” My motive sometimes may or may not be to see them jump with delight.

Well, that was the reaction yesterday when I was writing a blog (these little things take me hours, but I’ll get better) and one child said, “Want to go swimming with me?”  She happened to be THE ONLY child home – usually there are siblings and I’m not even asked such a question.  But, get this… I said…drum roll… “SURE.”   She about fell over. Well, she actually jumped up and down and squealed and said, “REALLY?”  Then she asked me if I was going to get my bathing suit on. (I think she was thinking my answer might mean I would sit on the side of the pool with my feet dangling in the water – which it was. shhhh.) And, with all the acting expertise I could muster up I said, “YES!!” (I’m getting good; I don’t think she even noticed.) So, I went straightaway to my room, got my bathing suit on, did NOT mention one thing about how I looked in it, but kept all the attention on her. (Go me!)  I even laughed, spun her around, acted silly, and…get this…I even got my hair wet. (Okay, so a yellow fly was buzzing around my head, and that may or may not have been the main reason I ducked under water. But, that’s between us… Right?)

Between you and me… I think there are Fun Mom bonus points for getting our hair wet. And just think about the Fun Mom Spontaneity points you can rack up if you one day just JUMP IN, FULLY DRESSED!  Yowza! Let me know if you do that today.

Let’s get this partay started. When you see a friend enjoying their kids – putting their kids’ agenda over their own, or acting out of character and choosing to have fun, or simply being a Fun Mom… go ahead… give them the Fun Mom Alert. Or..nominate yourself. Bahaha.


Let’s get some ideas going. Share your Fun Parent ideas or actual experience in the comments. 🙂

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  1. Mel

    You slay me… but seriously they’ll remember that always.

    • Rhonda

      Job 13:15
      Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him.

    • Rhonda

      but seriously… don’t you think it’s time we women let down our hair with each other (but maybe I should have stopped there and not had it blow in the breeze with the wind so strong that my shirt collar was about to choke me. HAHA)

  2. Wait wait! I think I know this woman. She is fun and can still make me laugh I miss our times together. (No really, I got the jewelry too. I just didn’t want to make you feel bad).

    • Rhonda

      Caroooooollllll! So good to hear from you. What sweet times we all had! In my heart, I always knew CM favored me and lavished me with the finer things in life. I am grateful that you held off for, uh, say 20 years to tell me that you all got the same royal treatment as me. Bahaha. I sure miss those times, too, but thankful for the memories AND the bond we have in Christ!

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