Do you have any particular view on MONEY and SUCCESS? Are you INTENTIONAL in your parenting regarding teaching and living out a biblical view on money, possessions, and success? “Huh? What does that even mean?” you ask. I mean, do you have a goal in mind for shaping the hearts of your kids in their foundation and view on money? I recall going to a house warming party.  The father loved showing us each room of his beautiful home. There was ONE room and ONE particular image I have from that tour from long ago.

We were standing in his son’s bedroom.  There was a large poster of some super expensive, shiny, red sports car.  (sorry.. me and details. Maybe it was a Ferrari?)

The dad pointed to it and said, “I tell my son THIS is what he can get in life if he works hard and gets a good job. and is successful.”


I’ve thought about that so many time over the years. I’ve thought about it at different times of my own kids’ lives.. and I’ve thought about it as I’ve taught ladies at monthly gatherings in my home in which I enjoy teaching on various topics – including “parenting to the heart of the child.”  The image is just etched in my mind .

THAT dad revealed a GOAL of his parenting, “Work hard in life to ACHIEVE… to ACQUIRE… to gain WEALTH.. and have nice stuff..”  Now, there are good lessons in there too. Work hard, for example.

And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with nice things… or wealth.. or achieving… (or owning a beautiful, bright, red sports car.  In fact, I would actually LOVE to have one!!)

Fast forward many years later… to  a few years ago.

I was talking with a man in his 60’s who had been a mentor in our lives. He’s now a grandfather of many.  He mentioned something that he was doing now. It just so happens that this man IS wealthy. He started a little hobby after retiring from a successful job which, in turn, became another successful business.  What he was doing with the money made and how he was intentional to include his grown kids and his grandkids was vastly different from a goal of acquiring and keeping and serving self…

His dream and reality was to take EACH of his children and grandchildren, separately, on a trip to another country

to build a small church for that community.

Say what?

His goal was to take ONE child or grandchild at a time to another country to build a church in that person’s name.

He was intentional about DREAMING BIG for God. He was intentional about teaching foundational principles with resources.

And even was walking out in front of them biblical principles.

His goal of money was to GIVE AWAY


to be about the WORK of the LORD.

He was intentional about teaching and demonstrating this to his family.


What are your views on money? Success?

You do have one. And, it shows – whether you’ve actually talked about it or not. Your kids ARE learning something from you.

To hold on tightly.. or to be about others.  To get or to give..

Have you been INTENTIONAL to teach your children God’s view on money and things? There are lots of verses on this topic.  But, here’s just one you can probably quote.

I Timothy 6:10  says,  “For the LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this GREEDINESS  (CRAVING) that some have strayed from the faith, and pierced themselves with many sorrows.” 

Money is not bad.  Read it again… the LOVE of money is the problem…and CRAVING it.. and being GREEDY (which means, ME..ME..ME..) is the goal that is wrong.

Finally, have YOU ever dreamed BIG for God?  And, in turn..initiated great family discussions that allow for this, pointing out the skills and talents of each family member, tossing out ideas that would fit their whole make-up so they will see all that they ARE and all that they HAVE and all that they strive for in life to be ABOUT GOD and HIS work?

Consider  DREAMING BIG for God, both individually and as a family.. How can God use ME and the resources I have?

  • God uses our skill set, passions, journey in life, interests, talents, hobbies to UNIQUELY design us for something specific.
  • To work with X people group: people in Africa, surfers, battered women, crisis pregnancy center, homeless, orphans, children’s home, motocross racers, human trafficking, … you name it, be specific.
  • To do X work within that group: to share Jesus, hold babies, organize supplies, rally the troops to help, use your home to host them, take them out for dinner and a baseball game,  work on surfboards together while just showing care and interest, having children from the children’s home over for a day of swimming and hanging out.

These conversations lead to  BIGGER ONES, like:

  • I love children and have a heart for India – I’d love to open up an orphanage in India.
  • I like education and my heart hurts for kids in Africa – I’d love to start a school in Africa, loving on those kids and living in their community..
  • I like baseball.. What about starting a summer baseball camp in which I completely pay for all the underprivileged kids to go
  • I like motocross.. Oooh.. What if we have a big semi truck that we take to all the big races, and have a Bible study for all the families camping out there for the week?
  • I think it would be fun to start a school in the inner city and focus on character and telling them about Jesus..
  • I am good with my hands and knowledgeable about plumbing and engineering.. I could use my skills somewhere to bring water and plumbing to their area.

Be intentional about your parenting. Don’t just let your kids grow up. Have discussions in which you all DREAM BIG together, and in which they hear AND see your stance on money. Align it with scripture.. and make sure your parenting to the heart of the child includes a heart of GIVING, not getting; GIVING , not acquiring; GIVING, not hoarding; Rhonda FunIdea:takeyourfamilyoutandANONYMOUSLYpayforsomeone’sdinner ellis

  1. Marnee Oehmann

    I like the “Fun Idea” so much that I’m going to do it! Thanks for the idea and always sharing such good lessons/real stories based on what the Bible tells us and that God would want us to do.

    • Rhonda

      Yay! I’m glad you’re going to do the fun idea. What a blessing that will be to the recipient AND your own kids!

  2. Melody Holland

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see you blogging!!! Each time I sit down to read your posts, my heart is bursts with joy to see you following through with God’s plan and with what you do so well!!!! God has blessed you with such an incredible way to share with others the lessons He has taught you. Your humor, your transparency, your insight, your practical suggestions God will use to make an impact on homes all over the world. So proud of this step in your life – can you hear me shouting!!!!! Love you girl!!!!!

    • Rhonda

      Melody, thank YOU for being a mentor in my life and a HUGE prayer warrior and encourager. Thanks for holding LNO’s in your home for many years. To God be the Glory for whatever He is up to.

  3. Mel

    Mrs. Rhonda, what a practical, Biblical approach on money. What a gentle reminder that our money is never ours and belongs entirely to Him. May we give and spend as He leads.

    • Rhonda

      Amen!! May we expect to hear Him, immediately trust, and obey.. with our money and possessions and our very lives. You do that well, Mel. Thanks for investing in my life and into Cultivating a Home!! Mama like. LOL.

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