While reading the Bible, God brings to mind specific people to encourage.

Have you ever been reading the Bible and had a specific person come to mind? “This would really encourage my friend. I should share this verse with her.”…

but didn’t.

That thought went nowhere.  True, perhaps you paused to pray for that person right then. And, we are indeed called to do that for one another.

A missed opportunity to bless, to encourage, to build up.

When God is clear with laying on our hearts a specific person through a verse we are reading, giving us insight into the needs of another, do we sometimes simply miss the opportunity?

I Thessalonians 5;11 “Encourage one another and build each other up.”

Encouragement could be pausing to intercede in prayer over your friend and her specific situation. Encouragement could be a note, a text, or a phone call. Being in tune with the promptings of the Lord is such a sweet relationship in the life of a Believer. I’ll be honest…few do.

This morning while I was reading Scripture.

During my quiet time with the Lord this morning, I read

Psalm 147: 3-5 (NKJV) He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite.

I immediately thought of a friend going through such a dark time, grieving over a traumatic event in her adult child’s life that has affected the whole family.  Deeply heartbroken. A season of silence to the world as healing takes place. A cloud so thick that she has neither the words nor the energy to pray. I’ve been there too. Needing friends to intercede on my behalf as I sit staring.

As I read those verses, she immediately came to mind. I knew I needed to encourage her. I prayed for her and then sent her a quick text.

It’s actually an exciting place to be.. to have a relationship with God in which He gives us His ideas. We need only to trust. And to obey. Again, I say, few Christians truly operate like this.
I’m learning to expect to hear from Him, trusting it is He who put that exact person and idea in my mind, and obeying by doing that specific idea.
Right away, in fact.

Distractions prevent us from encouraging.

But, if you’re like me, you’ll be distracted if you  have to get up to get the supplies to complete this task of encouraging someone right then and there. To make a quick detour from BIble study to go grab stationary from the office isn’t really that quick at all.  It could mean stopping to wash the dishes, picking up the shoes in the foyer, and passing by the laundry room – (why not be efficient and throw another load in there?). Then, finally when I’ve made it to the office (if I even recall that being the intended destination), I would see  the computer screen glaring at me. And, lacking in self-discipline,  I would be tempted to check email or Facebook. Just real quick, you know.

Practical ideas to help you be prepared to encourage.

  1. Keep blank note cards and envelopes, stamps and return mailing labels in your Bible cover or at your devotional area.
  2. Pre-label and stamp envelopes so that step is done. One less thing to slow down the process.
  3. Have a list of “Never-run-out-of items.” Stamps and note cards would be on this list.

Keep stationary, pens, stamps and return address labels where you have your devotion.

Keep stationary, pens, stamps and return address labels where you have your devotion.

Store your envelopes with stamps and labels already adhered.

Store your envelopes with stamps and labels already adhered.

Using your cell phone as a tool for encouragement.

In the case mentioned above, I sent a quick test to my “friend.”


You can send a photo of the verses you’re reading and tell her why you’re thinking of and praying for her. I often write names in margins of books, as different friends come to mine. I’ll take a photo of their name there along with the message I’ve highlighted and text that to them. To have your name in writing in someone’s book is kindof a really neat thing. Try it. But, don’t just write their name- send them a picture of it. When you think something nice, say it.

Addresses can be stored in your cell phone for easy retrieval. But, if that’s not where you are yet (I’m not), just add as you go or simply address it after your devotion. Be sure to have a system in place to ensure it gets mailed. My routine is to immediately stick it in my purse. My mailbox is at the end of a long, dirt driveway. If your mailbox is located conveniently outside your front door then stick then put it in the mailbox right after your devotion.

To avoid distractions, keep cell phone far enough away to have to reeeeach for it.

To avoid distractions, keep cell phone far enough away to have to reeeeach for it.

Who could you encourage today through the scripture that you’re reading?

Rhonda gograbsomestationaryandputitinyourdevolocation ellis

  1. Nancy Smith

    What helpful, thoughtful, and practical suggestions! Love how you shared specifically the ways you can make it easier to follow God’s prompting to share and impact others in seemingly small, but sometimes MIGHTY ways to the one who is uplifted. I love to see God at work in you and how you live your life to obey and serve others.

    • Rhonda

      spoken from the one who is the BEST at remembering and honoring others! Thank you for the card in the mail. I am so grateful for you. Thanks for also encouraging me in this new venture. 🙂

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