As a follower of Christ, my desire is to always grow in my relationship with Him and with others.  So, when I heard about a Bible Study for young moms, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  A great meal, fellowship with other women and studying God’s word had to be great, right?  I had no idea how these monthly meetings would impact my life and those around me.  I minister to college students and began to realize that what I was learning through Rhonda’s teachings, I was able to pass on to these students and use in my life personally.  God is using Rhonda to touch lives of people she doesn’t even know because of the seeds she plants that are shared with friends, family and those we minister to.  Whether it’s discipline, people skills, training ahead, parenting to the heart, traditions, quiet times, evaluation of personalities and character traits, these special sessions are for women of all ages, married, single, children, no children, grandmothers.  She truly gives the “gift that keeps on giving.