As a new parent, I quickly found out that the parenting world was full of many different opinions, psychological theories and principles.  Having a degree in Family and Child Sciences I had studied what all the books of the world had to say about the development of children.  But once I became a parent myself I knew the most important and foundational book I needed was the Word of God.  I also knew I wanted to find a role model or “example” family that had been successful in raising godly children.  I wanted a mentor type figure who relied on God’s Word for training and instruction in all things.

I was invited by a friend to go hear Rhonda speak.  Her topic that night was parenting to the heart of your child.  After leaving I knew I had found a godly woman that was full of wisdom on how to use scripture as guidance for all things parenting.  I remember sending Rhonda an e-mail that night thanking her for sharing her wisdom and biblical truths with us young moms.  I was so encouraged and motivated to begin searching the scriptures for direction in my parenting and also making biblical teaching a foundational part of the parenting process.

Since then I have continued to listen to and build a relationship

with Rhonda Ellis.  It has been 6 years since we have first met.

Every time I have the opportunity to hear her speak I feel renewed as a mom to cling to the scriptures to train the hearts of my children.

She always reminds me to be transparent as a mother, put the needs of others before my own and to “stop the world” when there is a heart issue that needs to be dealt with (a heart issue of a child or my

own).  It is the parents’ job to fight for our children’s hearts!

Because if we don’t have their hearts, if we don’t fight and put in the effort to biblically correct and purge their sinful ways, they will be left to deal with the world, the flesh and the devil all on their own – what a scary and uncertain place to leave your child!  As a parent we must know what we are up against and fight for our children’s hearts on a daily basis.  So, thank you Rhonda for showing me how to fight for my child’s heart and for being an example of biblical parenting in action!