Your ministry has been such a blessing.

God taught me many nuggets of truth from you. The one that has impacted my family the most is to be about others. Just yesterday we delivered food to a family. The Father just had open heart surgery and was at home recovering. Before going inside, I practiced with my children how to share their smile and say hello, we talked about questions to ask the family and we also talked about not announcing to everyone that we cooked for this family (although here I am telling you). I no longer allow my children to hide behind my leg or not answer when someone is talking to them. I am amazed at the boldness that is growing in each of their lives and also the compassion for others that is growing in their hearts b/c of the truth God had you share with me. Our family would be missing out on seeing the work of God if we had not changed our minds from being fear-oriented to others-oriented. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there truly is freedom -and blessing -and joy…I could go on and on.

I hope this testimonial encourages your heart!