I have had the privilege of sitting under Mrs. Rhonda’s teaching for several years. Now.  Each time I attend a “Cultivate” event I leave encouraged and empowered to raise my kids to know and love God.  Every parenting tip or advice Mrs. Rhonda gives is rooted and grounded in God’s word.

Cultivate was my first experience in using scripture to build character in my children.  Mrs. Rhonda makes scripture come alive.  She helps me to see everything I do with my kids must be centered around the Bible.  She teaches how to apply scripture to build character, to discipline and to know the Lord.  She gives great real life, personal examples of how she has done this with her own kids.  This always gives a clear picture of how to do this at home.

God’s word isn’t just used to admonish our children.  Mrs. Rhonda constantly challenges that “mama” needs to go before the Lord first and examine their own heart.  She instructs that prayer and the moving of the Holy Spirit are vital to walking with the Lord and raising godly children.

Training ahead is a term often used by Mrs. Rhonda.  This is a lesson I have never stopped appreciating.  At almost any age, Mrs. Rhonda teaches how important it is to prepare your child for any situation.  She role plays training ahead to demonstrate the concept.  One example of training ahead I used personally was preparing my daughter to be around adults.  Per Mrs. Rhonda’s leading, I instructed my daughter on how to talk with an adult making eye contact, speaking to be heard, being engaged in conversation and offering respect.

There is rich wisdom in Mrs. Rhonda’s teaching.  She has such a big heart for helping women at all stages of life to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord.  I have learned more than I could ever put into words.  My life and my family’s life is better by knowing Mrs. Rhonda.