Ever sat still amidst God’s creation?

Psalm 8.
This psalm is sometimes called “The Song of the Astronomer” as the writer David observes the beauty of the night sky and delights in the majesty and wisdom of the great Creator. When I remember difficult times, ones where my consumed mind seemed unable to think beyond the ever-present cloud… These were dark times, where I sat quietly, amidst nature, with no spoken words… unable to formulate or articulate the cries of my heart. But God knew the groaning of my heart. Like an oxymoron with me at the center, I had no answers for the solution of what lie ahead, yet I praised God. These difficult times are recalled with great admiration of the Great Creator and the splendor of his creation. I would just sit in awe of all the colors. Why there is not one color that is not found in creation. The details of His handiwork show his excellence and power. We get to sit before this very God and share our hearts – even in silence. And we, in turn, can’t help but praise him and say, “Oh Lord, our Lord, how excellent is your name in all the earth.”

Oh Lord, our Lord, how excellent is your name in all the earth. I pray for ____ (specific child, friend, spouse, self) that he would see You in nature. That he would praise you and be in awe with your power to create and hold all things together. That when a consuming problem hangs like an ever-present cloud before him, your splendor on display in creation would transform his heart from fear and anxiety to trust and rest. I pray he would be moved by your creativity and majesty and trust you with the smallest and largest of details in his life, knowing you are wise and good. That when he can’t formulate thoughts in his despair, he would experience the turnaround of the heart, through releasing and trusting, and praise your excellent name. May he marvel at your interest in him.

Invite your friends to journey together with us through understanding and praying specific words from Psalms over our loved ones. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a favorite spot in nature?

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