Are you desperate for God’s ear?

PSALM 5 shows us that David desperately pleaded for God’s strength, power, and wisdom through both audible prayer and in the unspoken longings of his heart through silent meditation. “Consider my groaning; Give attention to the sound of my cry.” He fervently asked God to help him sort through wrong motives and thoughts so that he could walk righteously. He knew that boldly, yet humbly communing with God would reveal his wrong thoughts, and would yield the blessings of a changed heart, aligning with Christ, refuge, protection, rejoicing, joy, and worship. Wow! Prayer changes us.

Dear Lord, I pray for ____ (specific child, friend, self, spouse) that he would have great resolve to cast his heartache, concerns, anger, and burdens-whether great or small- to you. That he would desperately go to you with spoken words and in the silent meditation of his heart, with a beautiful trust in your goodness, and with great resolve to exchange his own fleshly desires and emotions with the wisdom gained from communing with you. May his default in times of difficulty be to cry out to you and trust. May he seek righteousness.

(This photo was taken on the night we heard news that our son Daniel had cancer. We gathered everyone together, shared the details, and prayed. You can read more about our #danielkickscancer journey on my website

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