Are you plagued with torment, depression, anguish, suffering, misery, anxiety, and worry?

Does relief and rest sound too good to be true?

Here’s how to break free of the bondage that enslaves your mind, followed by a list of some of the benefits you’ll experience as these chains are broken.

I’m sllloooooowwlly making my way through the book of Mark in the Bible. This familiar passage had some pretty incredible ah ha! moments for me.

Mark 5:1-18 tells the account of Jesus healing a man who was overtaken with a demon. This oppression was so powerful that no man could tame him and the demons so numerous, that we are told left him and entered 2000 swine which then ran into the river and drowned themselves. This man was restless, had isolated himself, and screamed day and night, even cutting himself continually to find relief. He desperately wanted to be rid of the powerful, all-consuming sin which held him captive.

Isn’t that similar to the overpowering wars that rage within our own hearts and minds? The addictions we can’t seem to break. The jealousy that is supreme in our thoughts. The bitterness from deep wounds that poisons the blood circulating in the very body we long to be loved. Lustful desires and activities we thought would offer pleasure have a grip so tight we don’t know how to chisel apart.

How was this tormented man set free?

This passage is typically summarized, “Jesus healed a man with demons.”

But, oh friend, it also teaches us HOW to be free of the most crippling of sin, and the deepest of pain.

“and when he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and fell down before him.”

How did this tormented sinner go to Jesus? He RAN.

What was the position of his heart? Desperate. Humble. Expectant. Ready for relief. He went to THE person who could heal. The person who was was all-powerful. The only one he could safely place his greatest fears, darkest moments, most horrific situations, deepest wounds, haunting shame. The One who could heal and bring true relief.

Jesus is still the One to run to today.

No matter if you’re consumed with lifelong anger from abuse as a child, No matter if you’re cutting to relieve the pain, desperately longing for someone to respond. No matter if you’re reeling from the betrayal of an unfaithful spouse or left alone and abandoned. You can run to Jesus.

No matter the situation, run to Jesus. He is enough.

What is the tormented sinner told to do after he is healed? 

Jesus healed him, setting him free from the strongholds of sin. The formerly demon-possessed man asked Jesus if he could continue on with him on his journey. Jesus said no and instructed him:

“Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had compassion on you.”

Because this man’s life was radically changed by the forgiveness and compassion of Jesus, his mandate was to go home and proclaim to them God’s transforming power.

Jesus wants us to use our story to proclaim His faithfulness to those around us and have people marvel at Him.

How can you have relief from your torment?

Run to Jesus.

Run to him to be your Savior. Run to him to be forgiven. Run to him for relief from your tormented mind and soul. Release the weight of sin and haunting thoughts onto him. Trust him. Receive his forgiveness. Receive his compassion. Be transformed.

Then tell others of the wonderful compassion of Jesus. Tell others. Proclaim Him.

Let go of trying to fix things on your own. You need God. Run to him. Trust in him. Rest in him.

What are some of the benefits of trusting Him instead of self? (These are amazing! #mamalike)


  • We will have stability, safety, security. Rest for the anxious, nervous, insecure, afraid. Psalm 9:9-10
  • We will not be horrified, discouraged, defeated, agitated, anxious, alarmed, let down. We will not be dismayed. Isaiah 28:16
  • We will be filled with joy, peace, hope when we trust Him. Romans 15:13
  • We will be surrounded by mercy and unfailing love. Psalm 32:10
  • We will have help, a protector, fortress, and be strong. Psalm 28:7
  • We will be radiant, free of shame and guilt, delivered from fears. Psalm 34:1-7
  • We will be happy with a beautiful perspective of God, boasting of him and praising his name, lacking no good thing. Psalm 34:7-10

Friends, difficult times are promised. It’s a tool that we, as followers of Jesus should embrace to press on with endurance to know Him more, to experience our own heart changes, and to proclaim His mercy and unfailing love to others.

Jesus was the relief for this demon-possessed, tormented man whom no man had the strength to subdue. Run to him and invite him to free you from your torment. Rest in him as the healer, the all-powerful, the safe place and find joy, peace, and love.

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