In the previous post  I shared about a “Life Skills Day” that some friends and I put together for 24 Brazilian exchange students. One of the activities for that day- just for random fun – was a “onesie dance party.” Although I have no video of that day’s dancing, I do have a video below from a previous dance party with our Brazilian friends and their sponsors.

The Onesie Frenzie

The backstory on this ridiculous onesie frenzie is this: We bought onesies for our own family’s annual Christmas pajamas. They got such a kick out of them that we bought more for their friends who were in town visiting. We were all just being silly and then randomly dancing began. You can watch our family/friends onesie dance video HERE.

A few days later, 24 Brazilian exchange students were in town staying in host homes. They loved the onesies and the dance video they saw. We went back to the store for more onesies. The rest is history. Here’s our Brazilian Onesie Dance Party.

Brazilian Onesie Dance Party

The lady who pops up in the center of one of the dance moves, wearing a cheetah onesie, is my friend Paula. Her passion is bringing Brazilian students to America to expose them to the culture, language and experiences while staying in Christian host homes.

I hope you got a kick out of this onesie dance video. Your family probably wants onesies for next Christmas. Just sayin’.

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