Benefits of Wisely Using the High Chair Time

Your consistent investment of time into your child during meal time is important and will reap great benefits. The high chair age is not too early to begin. This focused time to intentionally teach the standards within your home will pay off at a young age. Your child will learn to eat with manners, communicate his needs with respect, learn how to interact within the tone you’ve set in your home, learn valuable character qualities that are foundational in his life, and will be prepared to sit and listen as others talk, learn to not be demand his ways, and learn to interact and do devotionals with your family…if these are aims of yours.

Here are just some of the benefits of wisely using the high chair time:

    • eats neatly
    • less clean up
    • eats on plate
    • drinks from cup neatly
    • uses real plate and cup more easily and sooner
    • knows to clean up after himself and how to do so
    • eats with utensils early, avoiding messy tray, face, hands, and clothing
    • communicates without grunting, whining
    • doesn’t control those around
    • world (and home) doesn’t revolve around them
    • less self-centered
    • how to request an item respectfully
    • not grunting, whining, yelling, throwing, being demanding or controlling others and the tone in your home
    • not talking to child in baby voice, but setting tone for mature communication
    • voice level and tone are role modeled, setting a standard whether you know it or not
    • learns to listen
    • Bible, devotions, scripture memory are heard here at young ages preparing for longer devotions and a life long teachable heart
    • normal speaking voice level and tone is role modeled
    • how to react to spills
    • how to request an item
    • sitting still
    • learning to sit still,not demanding attention even through an entire meal with the whole family or guests
    • happy hearts as you give attention to, sing to, talk with, look into the eyes of your child and lovingly communicate with expression
    • self-control by sitting still, waiting turn, sitting through meal, eating calmly, etc
    • responsibility (cleaning up after self)
    • obedience (one on one training with you teaching, expecting, and reinforcing obedience)
    • calm and mature communicator
    • sitting still
    • sitting through an entire family meal
    • learns world (home) doesn’t revolve around him, less self-focused
    • doesn’t control you
    • teachable spirit
    • time can be used for Bible stories, verses, singing scripture, explaining principles, and more.
    • talking about the Lord, praying together
    • setting a tone of being teachable to the Bible and the Lord

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