A Son’s Perspective on Parenting

On the blog today- an impromptu video of my oldest son answering questions. I hope you’ll find it valuable.

Each month I open my home to teach women, mostly on the topic of parenting to the heart of the child. At the last Cultivate, while the women were scattered from room to room eating dinner, my oldest son walked through the kitchen. With just moments before the teaching time started, I stopped him and off the cuff asked, “John, would you be willing to share your thoughts and perspective on parenting and your upbringing -being transparent…the good, the bad… to these ladies tonight if they’re interested in asking you questions?”

“Sure,” he replied.

The ladies were thrilled to have an opportunity to hear from him.

Some questions asked:

  • Have you seen your parents parenting change over the years? (John is the oldest of six, ranging in age from 25-13)
  • Are there factors in parenting that you feel were important in making you the man you are now?

In this video, John III talks about grace, honesty, transparency, hard work, consistency, discipline, character vs academics, loving learning, communication within the home, hypocrisy, devotions, sitting at the table as a family -talking and being real, relationship with the fam to call each other out, kids picking up on what’s important to the parents, and…

He may or may not have kissed me and caused me to jump up and down. 

I reveal how this same child adds pressure to my life when he’s in town.

At the end I share about something I’ve done throughout the kids’ lives that I’ve never regretted- something that I believe is HUGE in making a house a home in which Christ is taught to the hearts of our children.

Here’s the video of what happened. (It starts out a little slow, but keep listening…)

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