Don’t waste a crisis.

This eight-minute graduation speech by my daughter Kelsey was given at our church’s Cap and Gown Sunday. She shares the perspective Believers should have in seasons of suffering.

Her story is from a her own crisis – a two-year journey with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). God used this in remarkable ways in her life to know Him through suffering. She shares a little of her TBI and gives key points on handling suffering and then challenges the church body and her fellow graduates to “not waste a crisis.”.

You can hear more of her story on the video below where she and I together share “A Mother/Daughter’s Journey through Suffering.”

Praying that her message touches many in all types of suffering. Oh, to know that you see the suffering in your life as a gift of an opportunity to really know God, to personally experience His sweetness in suffering, and the intimate relationship of His deep abiding love for you. Praying you, too, will not “waste a crisis.”

Yesterday’s post, A Gift of Dependency on God, also touches on the blessings of leaning on God during difficult times. Im’ sure you’ll be blessed by it.

Rhonda thankfulforKelseyandwhatGodhasdoneinherlifethroughsuffering ellis