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Hi! My question is in regards to witnessing to your children. My daughter is five. She knows the gospel. At one point about five months ago she asked a lot of questions and prayed. All of her own accord. However she hasn’t mentioned it since. I was saved at four but grew up in a church believing you could lose your salvation. I was “resaved” many times. Looking back I know I was saved at four but know I grew in my understanding of what that meant as I got older. My sister on the other hand feels like she was never saved as a child although she had a profession and was “saved” in her twenties. I wonder if we over-complicate what it means to be saved? I don’t want to push my child into a decision but I don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach her to the Lord. So my question is how do you know when to really witness to your child?


Today, my good friend (and Bible teacher and Bible study writer extraordinaire) Stephanie Little is answering.

Deuteronomy 6:4-6 commands us as parents to witness (teaching and sharing) with our children all the time, throughout the day, every place we go and in everything we do and say. In sharing with children, it is important to listen to their questions. Are they asking about going to Heaven? Are they concerned about their sin? Do they wonder why Jesus died on the cross? As you listen, ask God to reveal the desire of their hearts, trusting Him to lead you to Scriptures that will answer the questions they ask. Children have a depth of understanding of simple Truths that often becomes muddled as the turbulent waters of teen years and beyond rush in. Answering their questions with Biblical answers will drive their hearts and minds to the one source of Truth, the Word of God.


If your child truly has a sorrow over their sin, (Rom. 3:23) and understanding of why Jesus died on the cross (Rom. 6:23) a belief that He is God’s Son and that God raised Him from the dead, (Rom. 10:8-9) they are responding to the simple (yet complex) Truth of John 3:16…”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


How can we turn them away and make them wait to respond? After all, when the disciples wanted to send children away from Jesus (Mark 10:13-16, Jesus was “greatly displeased and said to them, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.’ And He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them.”


We all must have a childlike faith, completely dependent on Jesus and His finished work on the cross. As we grow and move to a more abstract way of thinking, often doubt creeps in causing us to question what was so concrete in our hearts as a child. It’s important to continually nurture young faith, building on the foundation of salvation, reassuring with Scripture and reminding teens and young adults that God seals us at salvation with His Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 1:22). The Holy Spirit will “bear witness with our spirit that we are the children of God (Rom. 8:16). This witness is shown in many ways, including: conviction of sin (John 16:8) Fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) and the power to serve Him (Acts 1:8).

As a Christ-following parent, leading our children to Jesus is the greatest blessing we can have on earth. Discipling them to grow up in their faith in Him is the greatest joy we can know on earth. So, take heart and bring them to Jesus at any age and every stage of life.

You can read more of Stephanie’s writings on her blog.

You can read more of Stephanie’s writings on her blog.

Stephanie and her family of eight live in Missouri where she homeschools and is the women’s ministry director at her church.

Her love of the entrepreneurial mind has been one of the many things I love about her. Check out what her daughter’s up to with designing Tom’s shoes. Kaitlin began this to raise awareness and as a fundraiser for adoption fees and expenses. Check out her fun Etsy shop for these and adorable, hand crafted coffee mugs as well.

Give Love. Kaitlin began personalizing Toms shoes to raise awareness and funds for adoption. You can order your own pair here.

Give Love. Kaitlin began personalizing Toms shoes to raise awareness and funds for adoption. You can order your own pair here.

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