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  • They’re FREE.
  • These are recordings from my monthly women’s gatherings called Cultivate where I talk about growing in our relationship with the Lord, parenting to the heart of our children and more…by basing everything on the foundation of the Bible, being transparent, and sharing practical tips with you that I pray have immediate impact on your heart and in your home.
  • Think of these like a personal mentoring session.
  • Watch alone, with spouse, with a small group of friends, neighbors, or your church group.

“I so wanted my husband to hear the desire I have for our home. With your videos available, now he can. Thanks for making them available.”  Elaine

“Wow! I’ve been devouring your videos. So excited to sit down with my husband and watch them!”

Broken-hearted and the Struggle to Surrender

Biblical counselor and author Shirley Elliott shares a powerful, freeing message for all whose aim is to raise godly children. Whether you’re broken-hearted over a child’s choices or are currently in the thick of raising kids, this is for you!

Daniel’s Story of His Recent Cancer Diagnosis

One month after his diagnosis with Hodgkins Lymphoma, Daniel and his fiancee, both 21, along with his mother Rhonda, founder of Cultivating a Home, share with transparency this new journey with cancer. #danielkickscancer