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“Fun Mom Alert”

On Facebook yesterday, I nominated MYSELF for a “FUN MOM Alert.” It’s something that I usually write in the comments section, under OTHER moms’ photos or posts on Facebook, when I see that they are clearly doing something FUN with their children. I just simply write “Fun Mom Alert” and leave it at that. Yesterday was one of those days for me, so…

“Operation Respect”

Is disrespect to Dad happening in your home between a child and Dad?? “Operation Respect” may be just the solution you need, This is what took place in my home after being appalled at the disrespect towards Dad.

#danielkickscancer: Proton Radiation Therapy and Great News!

We have an exciting announcement to share with you: Daniel is in remission! So how did we get here? With six months of chemo complete and two weeks of recuperation under his belt, the next step for #danielkickscancer was something most have never heard of: Proton Radiation Therapy. When Daniel was first diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, we…


What I want my daughter to experience through this is a personal walk with the Lord, where she owns it. I mean, she knows that with Christ in her, she has direct access to His supernatural creativity and ideas. Where she expects The Holy Spirit to personally guide her.

30 Marriage Tips on our 30th Anniversary

Today’s our 30th wedding anniversary. I asked my husband what advice he had on having a “successful” marriage. His initial ridiculous reply is included… along with 30 “real,” easy-on-the-eye bullet points that we’d give our own kids to help them build selfless, long lasting marriages.

A Lullaby for My Girls

A little fun (and maybe a tear) for you on this Friday as I reminisce about a LULLABY. I was sitting at basketball practice, watching my two youngest -a middle schooler and a high schooler, when I got a text from their older sister – who is away at college. The text was simply this.…